Team Video Analysis

Kelly`s Team Video Analysis program is based upon the same philosophies shared by NHL, AHL, CHL, NCAA and top European teams, which is to use video as a training tool on a team basis.

Kelly can work directly with the coaching staff to provide insight, tips, drills, and unbiased advice to help the team play their best hockey. Kelly can look at many areas, including

  • Defensive zone coverage
  • Power play
  • Break outs
  • Face off alignment and plays
  • Offensive triangle

The areas that need improvement from a team perspective can be mapped out with a plan of attack and worked on at your team sessions with Kelly. Kelly’s sole role is to offer support and advice to the coaching staff to help bring your team’s game to the next level. Kelly will provide the video and advice so that the players on the team can go over it with the coaching staff. In Kelly’s professional experiences these team video sessions are invaluable to team building, improvement and making sure that all players and staff are on the same page.

Please Contact Kelly for details and pricing.

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