Player Video Analysis

This program will help raise the individual player’s game to the next level. Using video helps players connect what they see with how they feel on ice and what they hear from coaches. Kelly will breakdown video to help you see where you need to focus your efforts in order to improve your game.

Whether it be:

  • Skating efficiencies like struggling turning or stopping one way, or difficulty pivoting one way over the other
  • Habits like always trying the same move, or holding the puck to long
  • Game situations like gap control, or defensive zone positioning

Kelly will customize a plan of attack to improve your areas of need and build upon your strengths. The service is customized to each individual.

We continually hear that hockey is 70 or 80% mental. Although you need to be able to skate you also need to be able to think the game and read the game to maximize your potential.

Kelly will help players combine these two critical elements. All of the top players in the world use video analysis to improve. Kelly used video during his career while in the OHL, University Hockey, professionally in Europe and also during his time with the Canadian National team. He knows first hand how much it helped him and he can bring this same specialization to your young, aspiring players.

Please Contact Kelly for details and pricing.

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